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Femara for oral administration contains 2.5 mg of letrozole, a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor (inhibitor of estrogen synthesis). Letrozole is one of the most effective drugs of non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors. Popular in 65 countries. This drug has blocking properties to the enzyme aromatase. Letrozole 2.5mg is used to treat breast cancer in women who have gone through the menopause i.e cessation of periods. An antitumor agent, a blocker of the synthesis of estrogen. Having anti-estrogenic activity, selectively inhibits aromatase (an important bioferment synthesis of estrogen) due to the high-affinity binding features of this enzyme. Inhibits the biosynthesis of estrogens in peripheral healthy tissue and in tumor tissues. This medication comes in the form of a dark yellow tablets with a film cover. Dosage: prophylactic use in bodybuilding - 0.5 mg every other day, and gynecomastia, 2.5 mg each day until symptoms disappear, then reduce the dosage. Do not store above 30°C, protect from moisture. Letrozole should be kept out of the reach and sight of children.

Femara Tablets Price:

Brand Femara

Femara by Novartis

Femara (Brand Letrozole) by Novartis is an extremely potent anti-estrogen which contains 2.5mg of the substance Letrozole.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Novartis | Pack: 30 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 130$ Buy Now

Brand Fempro

Brand Fempro by Cipla

Fempro is product from Cipla Pharmaceuticals and used mainly with other medications to treat certain types of breast cancer in women after menopause.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Cipla, India | Pack: 10 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 15$ Buy Now


Letromina by Alpha-Pharma

Basically the Letromina is a drug that has been developed to fight against breast cancer by inhibiting the aromatization.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Alpha-Pharma Healthcare | Pack: 30 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 36.4$ Buy Now

GP Letrozole

GP Letrozole

GP Letrozole by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an extremely potent anti-estrogen which contains 2.5mg of the substance Letrozole.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals | Pack: 20 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 38$ Buy Now


LETROS by Pharmacom Labs

Letros is the strongest and most potent of the three most popular aromatase inhibitors by far.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs | Pack: 50 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 60$ Buy Now


Femara by Dragon Pharma

The compound is primarily used to counter most of the estrogenic side effects caused by the administration of anabolic steroids.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma | Pack: 100 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 100$ Buy Now


Letrobol by Shree Venkatesh

LETROBOL by Shree Venkatesh International also and especially a particular interest to bodybuilders and athletes.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh International | Pack: 30 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 42$ Buy Now


Femara by Black Dragon

Femara by Black Dragon is an anti-estrogen of the Aromatase Inhibitor family and is one of the most potent and powerfully effective of all Aromatase Inhibitor’s.

Substance: Letrozole | Manufacturer: Black Dragon | Pack: 30 tablets (2.5mg/tab)
Price: 76$ Buy Now